Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Prostitute

So of course it is Friday, and I am filling my tank to get ready for the night. So a young girl walks up and asks me if I am working, I tell her "yes, where do you need to go", so about 3 guys walk over and they want to only go around the corner, to the strip club, so I say okay, we get there and they can barely pay their cab fare. So the guy comes over and says to the girl that got them the ride, you know you can't come in so, just go home and I will come and see you later.

So she gets a little upset and he looks at me and says, “I don't have the money right now to give you to take her back, but give her your number and I will call you later and pay you.” I pause for a second, cause I don't have time for these games, but I still didn't want to leave her sitting outside the club. So I just said okay and took her back, it was only two blocks up.

So I said why couldn't you get in. She says well there was an incident. So I didn't inquire further, so I said why would they bring you here and then not take you in, she said well he is a pimp so he has to come here to regulate the girls. I said how is he a pimp with no money. Then I was like who in the hell needs a pimp in 2011. I mean with the Internet/cellphones isn't that like the death of the pimp?! you can set your own appointments rates, advertise, set security and privacy accordingly.

As I rambled on, I heard nothing but crickets, so I look over for some feedback andI saw the look of sadness in her eye, I didn't realize she was a prostitute, I just didn't realize before. I should have reiterated we all are grabbing our ankles (whoring ourselves) when we go to work each day, we are no different than is called life.

I gave her my number like she asked and I dropped her at the McDonald's so she could eat and left.

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