Tuesday, August 17, 2010

When the Stars Align

You know when you get that eery feeling that something is going to happen, because off all the things going on around you, but you don't know what? Well I was going back to the station from a drop off and this car decides to jump out in front of me...I guess he didn't want to wait. The way the road was setup it had a divider in the middle and cars on both sides of the divider, because there were houses on both sides it was a residential area. The car flew out but in trying to miss the car he had to make a hard left turn and hit the divider and had to pull over. All they had to do was wait for me to pass dumb ass..... this was the first sign.

Then I was coming from taking another customer from the liquor store and across the street there is a gas station, so all I hear is the wheels squealing and a car flying, it flew out of the gas station into the air between us and the cars waiting for the light. I thought they robbed the store, because I looked over and saw the owner outside, but he was walking to calmly to his car with his thong flip flops on. So I hear the squealing tires again so the car came back and circled around, man I had a tinged of fear, I was like Lord please don't get to shootin out here, light please just change.

The light changes and I start to drive, I bend the corner a man jumps into the street and rips his shirt open holds out his arm and screams "TAAAAAKKKKEEE MEEEEEEEEEE!" I had to throw on the brakes I almost his this son of bitch. I was so mad, I drove around him and watch from the rear view mirror. He slowly crossed the street I went on. I was heated cause I am really tired of these people.

So a week later, I am sitting at the station talkin to another driver and the station manager who comes to hang out periodically says to did you see all the metro police up here the other day. He was like yea, what was going on? The station manger was like it was a passenger tryin to kill himself, I had to hold him down and he was strong too, he kept taking his clothes off and the metro police finally arrived all he had was his pants around his legs when they got there, took them 45 minutes. The other driver was like yea I saw them taking him out with a sheet wrapped around him. Why was this the same man that jumped into the road, apparently since the cars would take him out he went to the station.

"Stop the madness" I know this is taking it back to the 80's but what else can I say at this point!