Saturday, February 26, 2011

Girl Power

So I haven't been picking up off the radio lately cause too much is happening behind the mic between the cabbies and dispatch and I am tired of hearing the arguments. So this particular night, it is slow at the station so I decide to work the radio.

I pull up in front of the house and have dispatch call her out, she comes out and her shoes are on the porch so she puts them on, then I see her start to do this little dance while coming to the car and it was her and two other guys that followed, she got in the car was so excited that I was a female cab driver. She made up a little jingle for me because I was a female cab driver (it had lyrics a tune, it was too much), I mean she was really excited, once I dropped them, she was like "GIRL POWER alright" (like Adam when he drew his sword to turn into He-Man) , "we can do it all!" I am a tad broken after this trip so I go on back to the station.

My next fare is two women they were also very excited about me driving and they have never seen a woman driving a cab before. Let me just clear something up ladies, this is not good, It is like being excited that the prison population went from being mostly men to 50% women. I make less than I would be if I were whoring myself, which pisses me off, one of my passengers was a prostitute (will post about her later), but she just made $200.00 in less than 30 minutes to piss on someone. I would have high-fived her if I wasn't scared to touch her. My point is this is not a step up, we don't want to be here.

I could have been an heiress if it weren't for my broke ass parents!

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  1. Do your dispatchers still talk in Pee Gee Cee? I had heard that all dispatch requests now go to one place called TAXI TAXI and that all of the cab companies and independents, who want it, subscribe to the one service. Accoring to what driver representatives said on Kojo Nnamandi, there are no other dispatch services in Pee Gee Cee. I had also heard that the satellite and computer dispatch, not a human being. I do understand that you still need human beings to enter the orders and a human being to monitor the dispatch screen, but you do not need anyone who can actually dispatch.

    Red Flop initially kept their dispatchers, but once the failure rate dropped to a negligible level, I understand that Uncle Neal got rid of all of those guys who could actually dispatch. Now, if the system goes down, Red Flop can not go to paper and voice. I understand that Yellow in D.C., which is the only one on a satellite in the City has retained most of its dispatchers. From what I hear from Schaeffer, he plans to retain his when he goes to a satellite. At some point, though, why should you pay a premium to someone who can dispatch, when you can pay peanuts to someone who sits there an monitors the screen?

    The satellite has its drawbacks. It does not dispatch, you need a human being to do that. The satellite and computer can assign calls faster than even I can, but it does not dispatch.

    Just as there is a difference between a hacker and a cab driver, there is a difference between a dispatcher and a call assigner.