Monday, March 28, 2011

O She Got Issues!

So I am on the way to pick up one of my regulars from his second job, but I had a little time to kill. So it is the first warm day of spring and everybody is out enjoying the night. I am sitting at the light and I get flagged down by a lady. I tell her that I am in route to pick up someone and she says "please we have been waiting here for an hour". I look and she has an infant on her shoulder and the other girl has two small children in a stroller they look around 2 years old, so I pull over, trying to be nice.

The lady opens the front door and puts her wrap around scarf and a folder on the front seat. So I pop the trunk so they can put the stroller in. So I hear the younger girl scream "Do you want me or not" to the top of her lungs, this didn't bother me cause I have been driving for a while now, and I am so desensitized now that I can ignore it.

So they are taking their time, I am like "you need to come on, I have a pick up and you are asking me to go across town, you need to hurry up". So the two little kids get in the back seat, so their momma is still taking her time and she has the door open and one foot in, still yelling on her cellphone. So the older lady walks over and says "look we have to go she is pressed for time", and takes her cellphone. She starts banging on the back of the glass screaming "I can't take this, I don't understand why everyone wants to break up", so she jumps out of the car and says, "I don't care what you do to me this time, I am gone" , and walks off leaving all the kids. So the lady is standing there with an infant and the two little kids in the back. She looks at me and I look her and say "I got to need to get them or they will be on this corner". So she gets the kids and the stroller and almost leaves her things in the front seat.

I thought to myself the first sign was this bitch yelling outside the car that something was wrong, in retrospect it was the envelope the lady laid on the front seat, this lady wasn't this girls sister or mother, she was social worker, or some kind of mental counselor.

If you are wondering I was on time to get my customer.

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