Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How Rude!

So I sitting a stop light and I see and man in a wheelchair which at first glace it appears as though he was hurled into the street, by this couple. The wind was really blowing the people that were pushing, hesitated but then kept going. I think they were helping him up to the walk way and he said something like I got it from here.

But he came speeding into the middle of the street, I was still waiting at the light, but I have to go straight through the street where he is in the middle of. He only had one leg, which he was balancing the chair with, he wasn't using his hands, do you want to know why? because he was trying to eat and drink with them. So instead of getting out of the street, he was in the middle of the street slowly scooting out with his leg while eating and drinking. There were cars on both sides so I could not go around I had to wait, and he took his sweet time!

This really pissed me off and it was rude, he knew I was trying to get around him he just wouldn't move he was a huge asshole. I realize I am becoming dead inside...that I should be more sympathetic, but people make it hard. If would have ran his ass off the road I would have been the bad guy.