Friday, October 22, 2010

The Translation

It was slow last night, and a foreign guy (Hispanic looking) gets into the car. He has his address written down, I take him to the street and he says something under his breath, so I thought he was asking how much, so my dumb ass says "$8.00". she says it again, I repeat "$8.00" again, so he looks at me and nods and I look at him and nod, so he says it louder, and finally understood what he was saying, he was saying suck dick... suck dick. So then the confusion for me was does he think I am sucking his dick for $8.00 or do I know where he can get his dick sucked.

So I say "no suck dick", and did my arms in a driving fashion (the drive) and said $8.00. He said okay and gave me $10.00 and got out of the car. So I guess he was asking me to suck his dick, since he left with no further clarification.

I am burned out doing this shit. The hatred is at an all time high.

The Tussle

I was at the metro on the phone with my white friend, I look up and and see this guy and girl fightin like shit. So they must have been fighting for a minute because they both look winded. He starts to choke her! One of the cars started to honk the horn, but that is it. My white friend was like "what the fuck call the police!" and you were like "I ain't getting involved, there are other people out here including the station manager, it was right in front of the station; and no one else was doing anything" There was a guy driving the car and also a guy in the backseat, the guy gets out the back of the car and says something, and the guy choking the girl, stuffs her in the car and they pull off.

What was that (I farted), no really what was that?

The Toss

It was as Sunday and slow, but it was a home game night at FedEx Fields, so I was really waiting for the game to end to make the money for that night. I was coming back from a drop in DC and as usual I swung around to Cheverly metro to catch some stragglers. A guy walked up and asks if I am working, I tell him yes and he gets in. He said "I need to go multiple places if that is okay, so we gonna take a ride". I said "okay", he gave me $60.00 up front. He said money isn't an issue tonight, he just came into some good fortune.

So he was nice, talkin about his relationship I was giving him advice as I usually do. So the strangeness starts to come out, so he asks me if he could use my cellphone cause he doesn't have one. I let him use it, so we are ridin on 295 and he points to the trees and says I am going to go cop some of these". I say o yea, he said "You know what I mean". I said "no and I don't want to know". so I drop him off wait a minute and he gets back in, he says can you take me to the liquor store. So while we are in line, there is a helicopter in the air, mind you there is a game at FedEx fields, which I assume the helicopter was watchin. But he says that helicopter has been following us. I said I don't think so it is not close enough and this is not GoodFellas, you need to live yo life right, so he starts to laugh, as we pull out of the liquor store, he asks if I could roll down his window (I control all of the windows). I said "okay" this nigga threw his cellphone out of the window.

#1 where did you get a cellphone he told me he didn't have one and
#2 why the hell did you through it out of the window.

The helicopter was too close, so now he needed to get a new phone, so we went to like 3 Lowest Price gas stations to see if they had any of those quick phones. At the second gas station we went to he started to pick up a prostitute but changed his mind. He gave her the opener and she said why don't you give me a ride? He paused and then said, you have to ask her and pointed at me. (WTF?), she just kept walkin, so he closed the door and proceeded to say that the lord saved him from her (I can't). So he just kept talkin about the damn helicopter, so we get him a phone I take him to Popeyes and then to his house.

The sad thing is by the end of the ride, I think that helicopter was following us. I didn't see it anymore after I dropped him. So he was like, "I like you do you have any cards". I said "naw, none on me", he "said don't worry I will get your number from my man I called earlier"....

"THAT BITCH SET ME UP" (Marion Barry).