Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Tipper

It was another nice night and not much action. I was on the phone and someone got in the back of my car. I look back and his eyes were bloodshot and was drunk as shit. He told me the station manager would not let him ride the train, but he needed to get home or to as least Addison Road where there were no metro police. He asked me how much, i said probably about $15.00. He said he didn't have that much, so I said "you short then, you need to find another way. He said he had $10.00 I told him that wasn't enough, that wouldn't even cover gas, he was I love you baby passin in and out of his drunkenness. So we argue and he is about to get out and I wave a guy who is waiting over to get in the car.

The drunk guy gets out and leaves the door open and the other guy comes around the other side to get in. The drunk guys talks to him a but and they both get back in. I asked sober guy does he got him and he hands me some money. So I pull off and ask them where they are going. The sober guy was going to Palmer Park and the drunk was going to Addison Road. The Drunk guy was in the back shaken his head back and forth real hard to the music, I mean if he hit the glass he would have been unconscious askin me can I turn it up and just actin crazy, so we get close the to the sober guys house and he says, you can take him first. He probably new something was up with the guy, later in the ride he even reached through the glass and rubbed my shoulder.

Anyway we get to Addison road I drop him off and start back towards the nice guys house. He ask me how much it would be and I said I wouldn't charge him anything extra, cause he gave me the $20.00 bill up front. I drop him off and that was that. I went to the gas station and pulled the money out, why did the guy give me a $50.00 bill, WTF. I felt terrible because I didn't look at the bill when he gave it to me I knew it wasn't a 5.00 or a 10.00 bill. So I got gas and stopped for food (because that is important - cause this ass needs more fat (sarcasm)). I went back to the guys house to give him $30.00 back. After the hell of getting him out, he came out and I explained that I didn't realize he had given me a $50.00. He says oh I don't mind tippin, I looked at and said " that was a big tip" and gave him the $30.00 and started to walk away he said at least keep $10.00".

He was a really nice guy, some poor woman is abusing the shit out his ass! I just hope it wasn't that loud mouth bitch that came to the door, he can do so much better.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Trunk

So Monday night was beautiful, one of the few nice days since spring has begun. It was really slow, so I was sitting at the station and the cab driver in front of me pops his trunk and gets in. he was looking through some things, but just sitting there, (just like the picture above, but turned to the side). Several trains pulled in and he never attempted to get out, just in case a customer came up (he was the first driver on the stand-a customer would come to him first).

I just went home.